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2022-11-28 19:06:47 UTC









Active user

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Luis Sutil Teixeira

2790-162 Carnaxide

image of ct4nh

Call data

Last update:2012-05-29 21:25:24
QTH:Carnaxide near Lisbon
Main prefix:CT
DXCC Zone:272
ITU Zone:37
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Direct Manager:W3HNK
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Started on hamradio hobby 18th November 1977 (VHF), having made FIRST qso on HF 28th October 1978, without interruptions until this date so far.DX, Prefix, IOTA Chaser and Contester, mainly on Phone and RTTY, and lately most CW.

.Holder of following (most known) Awards: - WAZ certicate # 2780 - 5BWAZ Award (200 zones) # 107 - 5BWAC - 5BDXCC Award # 1518 - DXCC # 10915 - DXCC HR 337/346 (P5 missing) - WPX certificate # 1356 (SSB) - WPX All bands and Continents endorsement - WPX HR (SSB) since 1983 - no interruptions. # 3.260 prefixes - WPX Award Excellence + 160 meter endorsement - IOTA CC-100 # 160 - IOTA HR 807 islands (FEB 2002)

IOTA activator: CT0BI.EU-040 Berlenga Isl - (I forgot number of times.)- CS4B.EU-040 Bugio Isl - 1st operation - (1st World IOTA Contest 1993) - CU8IOTA.EU-089 Flores Isl - CT0NH.EU-145 Culatra Isl (1st valid operation) CS5C.EU-145 Culatra Isl (1st World IOTA Contest 1994)CS2B.EU-040 Berlenga Island (1st World IOTA Contest 1995)- CT4NH/p.EU-145 Barreta Isl - 1st valid operation - CQ7P.EU-167 Pessegueiro Isl- XX9TNH.AS-075 Coloane isl - CS4B.EU-040 Bugio Isl (13th World IOTA Contest.only SSB).CR6W (IOTA Contest 2010, INSUA Isl. EU-150), 3rd Place World (EXPEDITION cat.).CR6W(IOTA Contest 2011, INSUA Isl. EU-150), 5th Place World (EXPEDITION Cat.) < in this one MURPHY travelled with us to the island!

.Prefix hunter and activated following call/prefixes:

CQ2NH, CR2NH, CS2B, CS2NH, CQ4NH, CR4NH, CS4B, CS4NH, CQ5NH, CR5NH, CS5NH, CS5C, CT5P, CQ6NH, CR6NH, CS6NH, CQ7NH, CQ7N, CQ70, CR7NH, CS7NH, CT7N, CT7 NH, CQ0N, CQ0NH, CS0NH, CT0NH, CQ8NH, CR8NH, CS8NH, CT8N, CT8NH, CT0BI, CU8IOTA, CS98NH, CU7/CT4NH, W6/CT4NH, LX/CT4NH, XX9TNH, CQ44NH (EURO 2004), CT3YA CQWW SSB (Madeira Contest Team) Multi-Multi 1st place World (2005), CT9/CT4NH (October 23th 2009), CR3A CQWW Phone (Madeira Contest Team) - Multi-Single 3th place World (2009).

. CQ WAZ Award Check Point for Portugal

. REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses member GPDX - Grupo Portugues de DX member . MCR - Mini Cooper Register (UK) registered member.

If you have worked any of the above mentioned calls, send me the QSL card the usual way > BUREAU , DIRECT (SASE+1 valid IRC) or via my qsl-manager W3HNK, or drop me an e-mail. I will QSL 100%.

73 de
Luis, CT4NH


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