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2022-06-26 14:10:16 UTC









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Joe E Copeland Jr

Maud 75567
United States, TX

united states
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Call data

Last update:2022-06-20 16:03:52
Main prefix:K
Federal state:TX
US county:Bowie
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:221319

QSL data

Last update:2020-07-07 21:12:40
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Extra Class ham for 30 years.
Retired Correctional Officier and Electronic Technician.
Love working the weakest signal on the planet or off.
Witnessed a saucer shaped craft land with 7 others in 1978.
It landed 500 yards off US Highway 67 in Maud Texas in Don Berrys Field by his small pool.
We exited our vehicles and witnessed it landing and remaining landed for at least 15 minutes.
The Titanium or Stainless silver craft was saucer shaped approximately 300’ft.
across the base.
My cousin a welder at Red River Army Depo with a very high security clearance on Bradley tanks protective composites, Stated he Observed No welds or rivets visible nor did I it was seamless, also no apparent source of propulsion for its levitation.
The craft made an extremely loud high DB electrical transmission sound ,Comparable to the emission emitted similar to underneath a high voltage power line sound and feel.
Also the hairs on our arms were charged electrostaticly.
The aircraft craft had three rows of Cree or similar lights embedded, that were illuminated extremely bright around aircraft.
Lights were white on top, middle blue, and the-bottom rim red, embedded in rows around the top middle and bottom rim.
The craft slowly rose without visible exhaust, it was not rotating just lifted about 500’ and at an incredible rate of speed accelerated East towards Red River Army Depot 6 mile away to the North.
I have been trying to receive signals over the radio spectrum ever since,
However with my 58’boom and 6 Element KLM 20 M6 Yagi.on a US Motorized 89’ tower and FTDX1o1MP, all I have received is the occasional pulsar on the horizon and countless Hams from on and off to the planet, including MIr,ISS,and STS missions,and numerous satellites.
I know what I observed with my own eyes and I felt then and now the technology was manufactured by America ????????
However their were No flag or Numbers visible.
Six of us witnesses are still alive in our late sixties so apparently it wasn’t radioactive ☢️


Xiegu G90 SDR
KLM 6 element log periodic Yagi 20-30 MHz
KLM 20-M6 element 20 meter Yagi 58’ boom
Oscar Satellite antennas 2mtr-400 MHz


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