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2024-07-23 12:40:55 UTC









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Darrell Neron

Monroeville 08343
United States, NJ

united states
image of ab2e

Call data

Last update:2012-06-01 22:37:37
Main prefix:K
Federal state:NJ
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5
ULS record:220418

QSL data

Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:no


DXPeditions - Single OP- V26E (1993-1999, 2010, 2011), ZP6/AB2E (1999), MJ/AB2E (2001), M/AB2E (2002-4), KP2/AB2E (2002), EI/AB2E (2004-05). QSL all expeditions via AB2E with an IRC or sufficient postage. A permanent QTH is in the planning stage for DU-land, for future contest operations and Dxpeditions, more info to follow as the project develops.

All logs for AB2E, V26E, and EI/AB2E, KP2/AB2E, and M/AB2E have been uploaded to Logbook of the World. This is currently a total of over 73,000 QSOs. All direct requests will be immediately answered. Include SASE, current IRC, or 2 green stamps (foreign postage rose in January 2012). Sorry no eQSL at this time. Bureau cards will be answered eventually.

DXPedition Contest Multi-multi operations - V26B (1993-1998), V26KW (1997 +K3TEJ), ZP6T (1999 CQWW CW +CX6VM, N3BNA, ZP5AZT, ZP5MAL). DXPedition Contest Multi-Two operations - WP2Z (2002 CQWW CW +K3TEJ) DXPedition Contest Multi-single operations - V26E (IARU 1996 +W2UDT,WT3Q, WPX CW 1999 +N3OC), GJ2A (ARRL SSB 2001 +GJ0NYG) DXPedition Contest Single Op Operations - V26E (IARU CW 1997, WAE CW 1998, WAE 1999 CW, and many other times 1993-1999 for regular DXpedition QSOs from the V2 site). I just returned from operating as V26E for the CQWPX CW Contest in 2011. All QSOs have been loaded to LoTW, but if you need a paper card just send postage and SASE to AB2E. Do not eQSL, since I do not use that service at this time.

I began as an SWL in 1965, and in summer 1966 bought a Hammarlund HQ-180A (general coverage). In fall 1966, as a freshman, I joined my high school's Amateur Radio Club, and earned my novice at age 15 in May 1967 as a result. I became very interested in DXing that same year, on what was then the 15m novice band. My first exposure to contesting was a VHF contest on 2M (novices had voice privileges in those days on 2M), and not long after that a Worked All Europe Contest and a NJ QSO Party. The local club was active in FD, so that was a great way to learn. We only had 1 year to upgrade to General in those days, or leave ham radio forever! I held the call WB2BVV until 1978, when I upgraded to Extra, and received one of the early sequence 2X1 calls, which I still hold - AB2E.

My major radio interests these days are DXPeditioning and Contesting.

A note for county hunters. I live and operate from Gloucester County, although my mailing address is in Salem County. Any domestic US contest will find me operating from Gloucester County.

Past President of Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club 2005, 2006, and 2007. Member of Frankford Radio Club since 1988. Member of Sky Contest Club since 2005.

Became a father for the first time in July 2008! Twin girls Nathalie and Noelle. Both little girls are doing great, and celebrated their 4th birthdays in July 2012. Needless to say, they are keeping me incredibly busy and are truly the joy of my life!

I have been a college professor full-time for 15 years, teaching international business and marketing. In 2010, I achieved my long-term goal of finishing my doctoral degree - a DBA (doctor of business administration) with a specialization in International Business.


Current Equipment: Transceivers - Yaesu FT-1000D and Icom IC-756 PRO III with Inrad roofing filter. Amplifiers - Acom 2000A, Amp Supply LK800C TNY (two), Henry 3K-Ultra, Henry 3KD-Premier, and Hunter Bandit 2000C,. Antennas - work in progress, so wires only for now. Full-wave Delta loops 15m, 20m, 40m. Inverted Ls 80 and 160. G5RV for WARC and alternate for 80-10m.


Rev. 8e93a81e86