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2024-03-04 22:22:43 UTC









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Djuro Vucinic


image of 4o6ah

Call data

Last update:2022-12-16 23:47:25
Main prefix:4O
DXCC Zone:514
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:15

QSL data

Last update:2022-08-23 01:24:12
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Dear friends of magic 6m band, and EME guys
I am a radio amateur since the last century. I acquired a license in our radio club 4O6BLM (formerly in Yugoslavia YU6BLM) in 1965 and my call sign - YU6ZAH in 1968. I became interested in the structure and scope of UKW and OSCAR satellites really fast. Competitions and contests are a favorite opportunity of trying out a new equipment. Emission technique took me to the TV building on mountain Bjelasica (2,117 m) where I lived and worked non-stop under the sign-YU6ZAH from 1975 to 1980, using 500W and 10 dB ant at 144 Mhz, which older radio amateurs of Central Europe will surely remember.
But my QTH (Duklja), JN92pl is the worst locations that can exist for a VHF operator, and even without a power station of 220 KV at a distance of 1000m. In 1990 I stopped my radio amateur activity, and 14 years later I reactivated as a retired telecommunications engineer. 50 Mhz band had just come to life in our little ham community in Montenegro, and then I figured out why they call it magic band. In fact I finally could work on VHF from my unfavorable grid location. This year ( 2015 ) July 17, I did the first link in the 50 MHz band from UT5EA. Since then I've never stopped working in a bid to enable all radio amateurs to make a connection with the new European country 4O-Montenegro. In the meantime, I also activated on 70 Mhz, which is also an interesting band.
Following is the construction of a 1.5 KW transmitter at 50 Mhz, a yagi antenna of 9 elements, 13 meters long and an antenna pole of 15 meters with Az and Elev for the yagi antenna and the realization of my first EME connection with W7JT, Mr Lance on April 9, 2017 at 50 Mhz. Today it is easy to make a digit EME QSO compared to 1981 when I had the first EME CW QSOs on 144 MHz. EME has become an obsession for me in the old days. Equipment for 1.2 Ghz and 10 Ghz with parabola 3.2 met was made and my first QSOs on SHF near the end of 2020.

My email:

Please send your QSL directly to my address:
Djuro Vucinic
Vranicke Njive 2
81000 Podgorica

VY 73!,4O6AH


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