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North Midlands

image of 2e0mbh

Call data

Last update:2013-07-12 14:08:17
QTH:North Midlands
Main prefix:G
US county:Nottingham City Nottinghamshire (North Midlands UK
DXCC Zone:223
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Welcome to the home page of 200MBH/2E0MBH


My QTH is small Town in Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands UK, In the Heart of Sherwood Forest, which is not to far away from Highest place in Nottinghamshire, and the centre tree of Sherwood Forest but unluckily for me I live in a dip and not on the hill not that good for radio but that makes it more fun!.

I have been a short wave listener sice 1987, from when I was 10 years of age (that 26 years a go now) In March 2005 I passed my M3 and in April 2009 I passed 2E0, I am Also looking forwards to going on and passing the full call.

In 2010, I was informed by my Doctor that I Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic otitis media with erosion of the inner ear structures. Ham radio is helping get over the illness and I am enjoying the QSO on the radio

I am an activate member of my local Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network in Derbyshire UK, sice I became a member in 2006. I am also a member of RSGB, B.A.R.L.S, and a member of my local radio club in Derbyshire and I enjoy working Special Event Station's

I have and also help out on Special Event Station's for the scouts GB4CNS (in October 2008, 2009, 2011) GB50SF (in October 2007 "JOTA 50 years"), GB6RH (in July 2007 100 years of scouting ) and GB5PIC (July 2005)

Other Call I have worked Under

2R0MBH Royal Wedding call 2R0MBH which I used from 29 April to 9 May 2011 signifying the marriage of H.R.H. Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

2Q0MBH Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrate call was use to mark 60 years from 5th May 2012 to 10th June 2012

2O0MBH This special call was for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games over the summer of 2012


Latest News July 2013

In July2013 I hopefully be helping out on the JOTA Station GB75RH which is special event call sign for use at WWE2013, for 75 Years of scouting on the site.

My Station is down at this time due to weather damage on the antennas hopefully back on the air soon, Until then I will be working QRP using a QRP Antenna, please give me a call if you hear me calling.



I active on bands 2 meter and 70 cm bands.

Repeaters I monitor are GB3IN,

I also monitor 145.500,

My favourite DX spot is a little place in Yorkshire where you can see for miles and has Good take off for DXing

My best contact was in 2006 on 70cm when I got a contact with a station Ireland and Liverpool on my handheld on 0.5W from North Nottinghamshire, The Best 2 Meters contact was also on the same day when I had a contact using 0.5 Watts on my handheld to East Norfolk back to back also from North Nottinghamshire. (the Contact was made on my FT60e as it comes in the box, to this date I have not manage a contact lie that again) What a Life and what a day.

location information


IARU Locator IO93JD

ITU Zone:- 27

CQ Zone:- 14

DXCC:- 223

Membership information for Contest

Short wave number is G-21193

B.A.R.L.S number 501

Amsat UK 6890

Please visit

73 De mark


Welcome to the home page of 200MBH/2E0MBH


X300 for 2 meters and 70cm which is about 10 M hight in total from the ground giving me a good takeoff over toward the North E ast coast of the UK


Yaesu FT-8900 VHF, UHF work (50Ws VHF/ 35W UHF)

Watson 25A Power unit

Please visit

73 De mark


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