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Contest calendar and hamfests

• Contest: EUCW 160m Contest

Begins: 2017-01-07 20:00:00 UTC

Ends: 2017-01-08 06:59:59 UTC

To promote an increase in activity throughout Europe and even the World, the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes has proposed a joint Top-Band contest.

The date is normally the first weekend of January each year except when the 1st January falls on the Saturday or Sunday . In such a case, the second weekend will be chosen.

Saturday from 20h00 to 23h00 GMT

Sunday from 04h00 to 07h00 GMT

Frequencies : 1810 to 1840 kHz

Mode : CW

The contest is open to participants worldwide, including SWLs.


Licenced members of a club affiliated to EuCW using 150 W HF or more.
Licenced members of a club affiliated to EuCW using 5 to 150 W HF.
The same, but using 5 W HF or less.
Other stations, no power limitations.
Reports exchanged.

Classes A,B,& C : RST/name/Club/ membership number.

Class D : RST/name/NM (non-member).

Class E : Full report on each station in QSO.


Classes A,B,C & D : 1 point per QSO with a station in the same DXCC entity.

2 points per QSO with a station in another DXCC entity but in same


5 points per QSO with a station in another continent.

Class E : 2 points for each complete report.

All Classes: 10 points for each official EuCW club station, e.g. DA0HSC, DF0ACW, DF0AGC, DK0AG, DK0HSC, DK0RTC, DL0CWG, DL0CWW, DL0HSC, DL0RTC, DL0DA, DL0XYL, EA3HCC, F8UFT, EM0RSE, G4FOC, GX0IPX, HB9HC, IQ3QR, MX5IPX, ON5CFT, etc.

A QSO with the same station may be made on Saturday and again on Sunday.


One multiplier per EuCW Club contacted per day.

Scores : the number of points multiplied by the number of multipliers.

The EuCW affiliated clubs are :


Associated non-European clubs : QRP-ARCI (U.S.A.) CWAS (Brazil) GACW (Argentina).


Date/time GMT/callsign/report/ points claimed/ multipliers.

The list of multipliers for each day.

Summary on a separate page giving details of the station equipment including the antenna, the entry Class, power used and points claimed.

Finally a declaration that the regulations as well as the license conditions have been respected followed by the signature of the operator.

Where possible please submit entries by an ASCII file – either by floppy or by e-mail sent to the corrector

NB : Special callsigns will not be classed.

Entries to be sent before February 8 to :

Ghislain BARBASON, 5 rue de l'Ecluse, F-02190 PIGNICOURT, Email:..f6cel (at-symbol)

1st Class A A cup.

2nd Class A A trophy.

3rd Class A A trophy.

1st Class B A cup

2nd Class B A trophy

3rd Class B A trophy

1st Class C A cup

1st YL station A cup

1st Class D A trophy

1st Class E A cup.

Further information can be obtained from :

Source: received from F5NQL c/o UFT (translated from French by F6GPA es XYL)


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