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2019-07-20 18:57:43 UTC









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Jacco de Jong

3221 VK Hellevoetsluis
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland

image of nl11673

Call data

Last update:2019-05-21 16:00:02
QTH:Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands
Main prefix:KL
Federal state:Zuid-Holland
DXCC Zone:263
ITU Zone:27
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2018-11-28 16:38:27
Bureau QSL:YES
Direct QSL:YES


Thanks for visiting my SWL station page.

My name is Jacco, born in 1969.
I live with my wife and daughter in the South-West part of Holland near by the North-Sea coast.
My profession: chief engineer on sea going vessels and offshore jack up's all over the World. Since 2015 on a platform in Qatar.
The radio hobby started in the early 80's on the CB radio band.
Since 1992 i have the SWL call NL11673 @ radio club "VERON" in the Netherlands.
After a 10 year period of silence, I picked up the radio hobby again in 2012.
I have no interest in transmitting, I enjoy SWLing and monitoring the bands.
I like to listen to the ham bands and aviation communication on HF, VHF and UHF.
With MultiPSK i'm monitoring SELCAL and HFDL on the HF bands.
Also SSTV and FAX is one of my favorit modes.
I use my Furuno NX-300 for navtex DX, also a nice part of the radio hobby.
At the moment i'm busy with my SDR radio's, most of the time i'm use the AOR AR-Alpha and the FlexRadio Flex-6300. A big step forward in the radio world.
Since January 2016 i own a DAB+ radio in the schack, nice for DAB+ DX.
Since March 2016 a Wraase APT-106 weather satellite receiver is running in my radio shack, to receive NOAA pictures. The software for that receiver is WXtoIMG.

I am member of the ham radio amateur club Veron (Afd 16)(PI4GAC) in the Netherlands.

I am member of the EZHE (PI4ZHE)

I am donor of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society.

I'm on Hamsphere: 19HS2086

I am a member of the Benelux DX Club.

We running also a Dutch radio hobby website:

DX Code of Conduct

I'm on Zello network with my Inrico TM-7. You can search me on Zello.
Zello name is Jacco/NL11673 (base station Inrico TM-7) and NL11673/Jacco (mobile on Inrico T320).
Also we run a SWL groep on Zello. DRHS-SWL

I hope to hear you soon on one of my receivers.
All the best and good DX.
73 de NL11673



Kenwood TS-990S + 2x SP-990 speakers, as receiver.
AOR AR-Alpha Digi-receiver, HF/VHF/UHF/SHF receiver 0-3500 MHz.
AOR AR-5001D.
Icom IC-R8600 + SP-39AD. 1kHz-3GHz receiver with DSTAR.
Icom IC-7300+SP-38 as receiver.
AOR AR-DV1 SDR Digital Voice Receiver + Kenwood SP-50 speaker.
ELAD FDM-S2, SDR Receiver.
Lowe HF-150+remote control.
SDRplay RSP DUO, SDR receiver 0-2000 MHz + Griffin USB controller.
SDRplay RSP2 pro.
SDRplay RSP1 in metal case with N connector on Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Sommerkamp FRG-7 (MK1).
Icom IC-M323G Marine VHF.
Inrico TM-7 network radio (Zello, TeamSpeak3 and Echolink).
Inrico T320 network radio (Zello, Teamspeak3 and Echolink).


Icom IC-R30, communications receiver.
AOR AR-8000, all mode wide band receiver
Albrecht AE 30H.
Sony Air-7 Air band receiver.
Midland CT790, Dual band porto.
Uniden-Bearcat UBC-3500XLT.
Uniden-Bearcat UBC-125XLT (Airband).
Alinco DJ-X11E All mode wide band receiver.


Wellbrook ALA 1530LNPro+IMPERIUM.
Wellbrook ALA 1530LN.
Wellbrook ALA 1530+IMPERIUM.
Wellbrook ALA 1530 Indoor.
2x MFJ-1886X RX Loop.
DPD Productions Air Omni UHF/VHF Base Antenna (225-400, 118-137 & 138-140 MHz).
Procom CXL 3-1LW base antenna 118-137 MHz.
L-Band LNA & Air Gap Patch Antenna RHCP (1525-1559 for Inmarsat receiving).
RF Systems DX500 (3KHz-550MHz active antenna).
Diamond WD-330S Terminated Folded Dipole.
PKW Log-Per. 130-1300MHz.
AOR LA-380 active loop antenna.
Dressler ARA-30 HF, active HF antenna.
Dressler ARA-900, active wideband antenna.
G5RV by GB towers Brielle Netherlands,long wire as inverted V.
HyEndFed SWL Antenna 0,3-30 MHz with 1:9 Balun.
Comet GP-6, for 2 meter and 70 cm.
Diamond V2000 Tri-band Base Antenna 6m/2m/70cm.
Diamond 150-MV II Marine VHF Antenna.
Diamond D 303, 0,5 - 200 MHz.
Diamond D777, airband antenna (vhf/uhf).
Diamond X-200N, (2m/70cm).
Diamond SRH789.
KX-137 by Wraase (NOAA Weather satellites).
A3 ADS-B Antenna (1090 MHz)for my Kinetic SBS-3 receiver.
Maximum 20608 DAB+ and FM antenna.
All coax cable in use is Ecoflex 10 Plus.


3x Desktop computers, 2x i5 and 1x i7, all 16gb ram.
3x Intel NUC PC i7, 16gb ram.
2x Intel NUC PC i5, 16gb ram.
5x Raspberry PI 3B.
2x Raspberry PI 3B+.


AirNav radarbox Pro + 3 pole filter(1090MHz)+ 1090 MHz ADS-B antenna with high gain(+ 5 dBi)+ Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

Jetvision Radarcape + 3 pole filter(1090MHz)+ Active Diapason Antenna.

Radarcape Beast 2CH + Jetvision Active Diapason Antenna + 1090 MHz ADS-B antenna with high gain(+ 5 dBi)+ Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

AirNav RadarBox Comstation + AirNav antenna and AirNav Pre amp/filter.
AirNav XRange + Uputronics pre amp filter.

5x V3 RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA DONGLE + Raspberry Pi V3 + •1090MHz professional A3-ADS-B antenna(+ 5 dBi)+ Uputronics pre amp/filter for 1090MHZ.

GNS 5890 ADS-B, USB receiver for mode S 1090 MHz + mobile ADS-B antenna.
Uptronics ceramic 1090MHz ADS-B Filtered Preamp.

1x RTL V3 stick for FLARM + Jetvision Active Diapason Antenna.

Yagi beam antenna secondary Radar, directional antenna, frequency range 1070-1110 MHz, Gain 14,5 dBi.

FlightAware 1090MHz ADS-B N-Type Antenna 26" 5.5dBi.


Davis 6153EU VP2 weather station + Davis Data Logger.

Furuno NX-300 Navtex receiver (490&518KHz).
Sailor 6110 Inmarsat C Thrane & Thrane, for weather and safety messages.


Kenwood TH-D74E Dstar, 2&70.

AnyTone AT-D878UV Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld.
Yaesu FT-70DE (YSF).
Tytera MD-380 porto (UHF DMR).
2X myDV-Nano OpenSpot + 1x Nextion 3.5"screen and 1x Nextion 7"screen.
DVmega on Raspberry PI 3B + Nextion 2.4"screen.


Geochron Digital Worldmap 4K UHD V2.
SSB LNA 3000+ SSB RC-2000.
Elad ASA-62 Antenna Splitter amplifier.
Elad ASA-15 Active Antenna Splitter amplifier.
Scansonic R3 DAB+
Pinell Supersound II+ DAB+
Goodmans DAB+ radio.
Icom IC-A24E (VHF airband).
Yaesu G-450C rotator (for Wellbrook Loop).
Diamond GSV 3000, DC regulated power supply 2x.
RTL dongle + ham up converter (SDR Radio).
Rode NT-USB Microphone.
Aceco FC2002 Frequency Counter.
Apollo TP-110 multi capcode, P2000 alarm monitor.
Birdy P2000 alarm pager.
JIM M-75,scanner pre-amp with filters.
Bose Companion 5 Series.
Bose Companion® 20.
Bose Companion 2 serie III.
Akai RPM3 active speaker set.
RF Systems SP-3 Antenna combiner.
RF Systems SP-1 Antenna combiner.
Antenna mast of 12 Meters height.


Davis Weatherlink 6.0.4
WSJT-X v1.8.0-rc2.
SmartSDR by FlexRadio Systems.
WXtoImg Version 2.11.2 (weather satellite (wxsat) decoder).
SDRuno 1.1 (SDRplay).
SDR-Console V3.
MultiPSK 4.32.1
DX Atlas 2.4
YaND 6.5 Navtex decoder.
AOR AR-ALPHA Digital I/Q Professing software.
Active Display Pro.
DSDPlus (DMR decoder).
ARC DV1 by Butel,for AOR AR-DV1.
YaDD 1.7.1 DSC decoder.
PC-HFDL 635-4 HFDL Decoder v2.042.
Zello Walkie Talkie.

DX Code Of Conduct

dx code of conduct small logoI support the "DX Code Of Conduct" to help to work with each other and not each against the others on the bands. Click here and find out more about the project and how you can endorse it.

Other images

second pic
NL11673 / SWL shack.
other pic
NL11673 / IcomIC-7300, as receiver.
other pic
NL11673 / SDRplay RSPduo.
other pic
NL11673 / AOR AR5001D.
other pic
NL11673 / Chief Engineer on offshore vessels and jackup's.
other pic
NL11673 / SDRplay RSP2pro
other pic
NL11673 / AOR AR-DV1, Digital Voice Receiver.
other pic
other pic
NL11673 / Kenwood TS-990S, as receiver.
other pic
NL11673 / My shack @ night.
other pic
NL11673 / Icom IC-323G Marine VHF.
other pic
NL11673 / Icom IC-R8600.
other pic
NL11673 / Furuno NX-300 Navtex receiver.

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