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2020-08-03 23:58:32 UTC
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Passive data

Heimevernets Radioamatørklubb (HVRAK)

N-0411 OSLO

image of ln1v

Call data

Managed by:LA4LN
Last update:2020-07-21 09:22:13
Main prefix:LA
DXCC Zone:266
ITU Zone:18
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2020-07-21 09:19:08
Direct Manager:LA4LN
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES
Extra QSL Info:Please enclose SAE + IRC or 3 x "green stamps"


LN1V is a special call sign used for special occasions and in certain amateur radio contests instead of the usual call sign LA1V for the Norwegian National Guard's Radio Amateur Club; see and .

During the year 2020 the special call LN1V ("Liberation Norway One Victory") will be used again, to commemorate 75 years of freedom after the 5 year long WW2 nazi occupation (1940-1945).

History of the special call sign LN1V:

The special call sign LN1V was first issued in conjunction with the 50th anniversary for the liberation of Norway after the 2nd World War (LN1V = "Liberation Norway One Victory") in 1995, during a special exhibition at the Lutvann military camp in Oslo.

LN1V was the very first amateur radio station licensed to use the special LN prefix.

The special call sign LN1V has been granted by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority of Norway to be used all through 2015 and all through 2020 (70th Anniversary, and 75th Anniversary, respectively, for the Liberation of Norway after the 2nd World War). LN1V also participated and won the NRAU Nordic Activity Contests (NAC) on 6 m (50 MHz) and 4 m (70 MHz) during 2015.

There was an operation of LN1V from the Oscarsborg Fortress area (QTH Locator JO59HQ) in April 2015, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary for the WW2 attack on Norway on the 9th April 1940, where the fortress managed to stop the maritime attack, by sinking the nazi German heavy cruiser war ship "Bl├╝cher". This heavy cruiser war ship was bound for attacking Oslo, with plans to take hostage the King of Norway and his royal family. The fortress was able to stop these plans, giving Norway a chance to resist the invasion for some months, and gave the chance for the King, his family, and the Norwegian parliament to escape the attackers.

LA1V has also operated at different special occasions, like at the 50th anniversary of the Norwegian National Guard ("Heimevernet") in 1996; and from the 700 years anniversary exhibit for (and from) the Akershus Fortress in Oslo in 1999; as LI1V in 2005 for 100 years of Norwegian independence, and in 2014 celebrating 200 years for the Constitution of Norway; and from Svalbard with the call sign JW1V.

During summer the QTH Locator may be JO29QS.

LN1V looks forward to make a contact with YOU!

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