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2022-08-09 13:50:43 UTC









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Peter Betz

97236 Randersacker
Germany, Bayern

image of dl0181swl

Call data

Last update:2022-07-29 19:53:18
Main prefix:DL
Federal state:Bayern
DXCC Zone:230
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:14

QSL data

Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no


Hello, world!

I was born in the summer of 69 and I live in a small city next to Würzburg, Germany.
This region is well known for their white wines and I live in a vineyard, too.
The Main river is only 100 meters away and we also have a very small sand beach.
In the summer time it is great to just relax there or go to swim in the river.

I used to be a real HAM, but I gave back my license. Why, you may ask…
Well, in Germany you have to pay money to be a HAM. It is not very expensive, but it costs you a certain amount every year.
And I had not much interest in transmitting. The only thing I did was Packet Radio many years ago.
My main interest was in receiving signals, and I didn‘t need a HAM license to do that.
This is why I decided to stop being a HAM.

Today I enjoy listening on SW to many different signals with a SDR.


My SDR hardware:

RSP1A from SDRPlay.
RSP1 (fake RSP1 from China, but not that bad, indeed. It was a present to me and this encouraged me to buy the real thing.)
Hack RF 1
DAB Stick with R820T chip. This was my first experience with SDR radio.

My antennas:

A Discone antenna for 30 MHz-2 GHz
MFJ-1886 loop antenna for everything below 30 MHz
MLA30+ loop antenna
YouLoop passive antenna

To play around with all that I use Windows, macOS and Debian Linux with several computers.
See the small cube on the right side next to my iPad? Smallest Windows-PC with only 7cm x 7cm size.
This Mini-PC currently runs the SDRUno software that you can see on the monitor.

Other images

second pic
DL0181SWL / Pic 2

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