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2020-12-02 22:09:49 UTC









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Peter, Pit, Weinreich

59394 Nordkirchen
Germany, NRW

image of dk3aa

Call data

Last update:2020-11-06 17:16:46
QTH:near Dortmund
Main prefix:DL
Federal state:NRW
DXCC Zone:230
ITU Zone:28
CQ Zone:14

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2020-11-06 17:00:29
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:no
Extra QSL Info:I answer any incoming QSL.


Hello out there and thanks for visit my QRZCQ page!

My short bio:
I started in 1980 as SWL, i was ten years old and i'am infected rapidly by the HF virus.

Every single electronic device i had to explore, sometimes it's ending in a desaster;)
Burning down some cb-radios and hf-trx. build wierd antenna constructions.
But i had to know whats in there and later on i understood how it works.

1990 i started to decode CW by an simple paper of morse code and a pencil.
Learning by doing works well if you train tenacious decoding cw.

Big thanks going to my good old friends and coaches: Jörg, DL3HAA, Sven, DL1SO, Jürgen, DK3LT, Detlef, DF3HD and Heye, DJ9RR!

So finaly i get my ham radio licens in 1992.

Mostly i work in CW on HF bands and i like contesting also in SSB.
Three times #1 in CQWW on 10 meter single op, single band, low power and not assisted. #1 in Denmark as OZ/DJ9RR and CQWW Team.
Top rankings with DL0LK (OV E03- Luebeck) in several contests.

Also i prefer chasing DX. I had DXCC 320+ in year 2002 but! all my QSL cards has gone away and my HDD with log files is still missing since 2004... Shit happens :-O

My former callsigns was in early 1990's DH1LAD and DJ7LX. The last round about 14 years i was going QRT during by live circumstances, bit of bad luck and great new job options.

In 2019 i decided to get a restart in HAM RADIO and i ordered my new callsign..

DK3AA is reborn;)

I'am not active on any band yet(DEC. 2019) but station equipment for HF-VHF-UHF is ready for installation!

I have to say a big "thank you!" for the great support and the big help to rebuild my station: Jörg, DL9MKN, Olaf Grundmann DM2CM (german audio pope;) and Frank, DL7LVM!

Signals will come up in spring 2020 ;)

Please feel free to contact me in any cases via E-Mail:


---------------------------Under construction-------------------------------------------

Equipment in stock: Ten-Tec Orion 2 for CW
Yaesu FT2000D with MD100- mike with Grundmann modificaton
For SSB contesting: Headset by Grundmann
Yaesu FTM 400 RDX 2m+70cm 50 watts FM-C4FM
Icom IC 275H 2 meter allmode up to 100 watt
PA ZZ750 with GU74B HF abt. 700 watt +-
Ameritron Tuner ATR15 1,5 KW
Nye Viking Tuner MB-V-A 3 KW Rock solid!!
Hustler 6 BTV 10-15-(17)-20-30-40-80 meter, 300 meter radials
18 meter VDL Mast, 17 meter in use
2x 10 meter GFK mast HD by DX-Wire
1/2 Dipole 160-80-40 meter by Kelemen 2KW inv. in 16 meter
G5RV/ZS6BKW 80-10 meter by HARI/Germany feed in 17 meter
6 Meter HB9CV (homemade)
X50 2m/70cm Vertical in attic
2m double quad stacked- 3 reflectors (Homemade)
2 meter Big Wheel in attic (homemade)
Schurr Profi 2 CW-Key
with Hallberg 1 e-bug (homemade)
Station 13,8 volt power up to 100 amps.

All this parts has to been fitted together in upcoming spring 2020.
There is a huge pile of work waiting for me.
But all the mean parts of station equipment is in stock, the details will follow soon.
Update 03/2020: Hustler BTV6 installed in Final Position and abt 300 meter radials
fixed in backyard.
Vertical antenna errected and i'am still waiting for neighborhood comments ;)

Update 07/20: No comments by neighbors abt TVI etc. incomming. Fine.

Lay down 100 meters more of tuned radial-ground-system for Hustler vertical.
Hustler 6-BTV is running well as a pretty good compromise. A bit noisy but way better
than nothing or any tuned wire vertical.

Change location of one support pole for ZS6BKW. Opening angle is now 160 deg.
Former angle of 100 deg. was a bit ineffectiv. My antenna is now permanent installed
and guyed at three segments to resist any storms. Mean radiating direction are now
In direct comparsion from Hustler-6BTV and ZS6BKW the ZS6 is in average 2-3 S-Unit
"louder" then the vertical. On 80 meter way better and not so noisy as the vert.
But working DX is a bit better with the vertical antenna.

Update in 10/2020:
I've had the unique chance to buy an near mint Nye Viking 3 KW Tuner!
I'am happy lika a child on x-mas:)))))

Update 2 in 10/2020:
Modifikation of 160-80-40 meter trap dipol. Using now only one half and feeded like a slooper.
16 meter vertical than slooped down to 9 meter then 3 meter vertical down. It's look like an inverted slooped C antenna :) but works well on top band with 250 meter elevated
radial system in 3 meter height. Works good but need to be tested out.. L'am still waiting for CQWW.
But DX stations are louder with this antenna. May caused of the low radiating angle of my inverted C antenna.

Update in 11/2020:
I decide to get starting also in DMR. I've buyed an TYT MD9600 Digital TRX
but i have no idea what i have to programm on zhese "digital-beast".
But i am shure i will get it on air.

Also i reach my goal to build a good restricted but effective HAM Radio Station,nearly 99% of my equipment was sold as second hand or where leftovers from the last century!
I think i've build up an solid station, than what i can listen, i can also work.

-------------------------------to be continued------------------------------------------

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